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Photographers offered personalization of the pictures to suit your needs, along with me or on order your photos may be prepared to print with the best tools and extensive experience. If desired, your photos are stored on my server for back orders, and all printed images files are stored with all print and color settings, allowing you to anytime book more pictures, for example when you sell.

Visual artists

Many artists want to offer Giclée reproductions of graphics, painting or other art. I offer the entire process, repro photo or scanning, processing and color management and printing on the best art papers and canvases For those who have digital originals I have the best process for the printing of your original images.


Museums have professional needs that require long experience and the best technology. Whether it comes digitization, retouch and image processing, or print for archival quality, I can offer the best solutions and the highest quality. I have made many reproductions of paintings that are too expensive to hang up exposed to the public, often we make a copy and put the originals in a safe. No notices the difference.


Galleries often have many artists who want to sell their work, I work with several to increase revenue by offering Giclée reproductions or original printing of pictorial art. Production on demand means that you do not have to make more than one has orders for, and mostly, new prints are delivered the next day.

Graphic artists

Graphic artists often need high resolution when their work is going to be digitized. I have extensive experience with processing of graphic works and has both procedures and papers to ensure the best reproduction of graphics. Illustration graphic by Kari Grasmo



Textile artists

Textile Artists will know how difficult it is to digitize colors on textile so that the right nuances are reproduced in a good way I have long experience in how such tasks are solved in the best way, and experiment with methods and techniques that constantly offers new possibilities Illustration photo of textile by Gitte Magnus.


Maps and illustrations, can be scanned or photographed, which is the best method depends on the size and detail of the original. I have the best solutions for the entire process up to the printed result.



Good prints in your office areas gives high value for a low cost, giving inspiration and offer a refreshing atmosphere pleasing the people present, I have a lot of neuroesthetical data on how the right images provides lower blood pressure, higher concentration and restoring of energy to the viewer.