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From the chip to the wall

Photo clubs or any other organisation interested in my speech are welcome to contact me.



A lecture on photographic techniques for those who can basic photography, here I focus on selected elements I think is important to get good pictures technically suited to large magnifications.
  •      This is a dialogue with the audience and a pedagogical approach to something you think is a bit difficult.
  •      Discusses the chip in the camera, how a pixel works, and how the image is to the camera.
  •      Explains dynamic range, why it is important, with examples.
  •      Bits per pixel, what is it and how do we deal with it.
  •      Diffraction, we can avoid it.
  •      A little about raw files
  •      Much about sharpness, what can we do to optimize sharpness.
  •      Pixels, noise and enlargements
  •      Histogram, explained and some advice on the road.
  •      HDR explained
  •      Focus mapping explained
  •      Color and other provisioning to print (approaching the wall now :))
  •      Papers to print
  •      Rendering indent and important choices for print.


The lecture is being held as a dialogue with questions and answers along the way. The lecture takes only an hour, but it has taken up to 3.5 hours with many questions and dialogue with the audience.