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My first photo engagement was to establish Superfoto at Tåsen Senteret on behalf of Olav Hauge as. This business was a success throughout 30 years and only recently closed down as a result of the modernization of the photo industry, almost none of the original photo shops exist today.

Storo Foto

After a few years at Superfoto I got the opportunity to start my own photography business in Storo Shopping Mall. Where I had finally 17 employees, shop, professional department with photo studio and darkroom, Photographer Haming was hired as responsible for professional photography and analogue retouch.. We also had minilab with one hour development and print and sales of photographic equipment, TV and video.

Concorde Cruise Lines

In 1989 I designed the photography business for the contracted vessels to Concorde Cruise Lines, with capacity for 4,500 passengers. I put up a system with analogue and digital video photography, with face recognition of all passengers to retrieve the right customer according to face in the pictures. The pictures were shown on TV screens in the right cabin, the customer selected image from the list, images with the customer was shown first. When the picture was ordered, it was printed on sublimation printer in the cabin there and then. This was a fairly modern solution in 1990. Concorde was two years later unfortunately closed down as a result of the first Gulf War.

Pixie International

During the work with face recognition for Concorde I became acquainted with Professor Bernard Jones and his wife Dr. Janet Jones. We cooperated on a wide range of projects, the first was Pixie where we made imaging software, document databases and what became the foundation stone for 25 years collaboration focues aroubd image analysis primarily used for detection and motion analysis. I was involved in the testing and marketing of the products and services.


After a harrowing conflict between market and capital Pixie was closet, and Astraguard was established. On behalf of the Astraguard technology company I have completed a number of projects, securing Skien Prison, OSIKAN, The Finnish president’s residence, the museum of Vaasa and many other places. Later it has been more research related projects, much for Statnett, including galloping lines, lightning detection, reindeer behavior, icing and operation of the research station on Gaustatoppen.


 In 2000 we bought a small farm in Solor, there was no internet, so I went to the local municipalities and suggested that we should build out networks, and they wanted that. Brednett AS was created, and after a few years the company had a need for greater investment than municipalities could support , and the company was sold to Hafslund. They asked if I would be the CEO, and there I was until we moved back to Oslo in 2007, giving me the chance to support Bernard & Janet Jones in establishing a new company. I also began slowly to assist customers with photography and imaging, and I’ve done so since, the number of customers is rising and revenue increases in line with the expansion of the services.