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Here are some testimonials from people who have uses my lab, in alphabetic order.

“Rune Stenseth is very technically proficient, have top paper and state of the art, well calibrated equipment for giclee print. The most important reason why I print at Rune is that he is sensitive to the preferences, is able to accommodate them, takes the time to thoroughly preparing the files and that he is very pleasant to work with. ”

Jo Bentdal

I have collaborated with Rune Stenseth for a few years, primarily on the production of Giclee graphics. He appears as a brilliant photographer, but the most important is his openness to ideas and his ability to put himself inside pictorial expressions, and elaborate them into practice.

Gro Folkan

Ingunn Cecilie Jensen

Remember the first time I printed at Runes. It was one of my dog drawings that was enlarged to 50x70cm. I only remember that I said whooouuuu !!!! It was like the dog was living on the white thick paper. The lines in the drawing was springy and denominations had an incredible depth to it. I can warmly recommend Rune; he is one of the ablest on printing I have met. In addition he is incredibly pleasant to work with.”

Ingunn Cecilie Jensen

Green Water, digital art by Georg Monrad-Krohn

AN EXCEPTIONALLY skilled artisan! I work as an artist with ia (Giclee print) digital photos. I have now for several years used Rune to print my photos on canvas with a sovereign result! In addition to that Rune has the highest standard of technical equipment so he holds great knowledge as a digital retoucher, which are often crucial for the result. Do you need scanning, photograph of paintings, imaging, large format prints, Giclee print and graphic works – then Rune Stenseth is the man! I recommend him strongly.

Georg Monrad-Krohn

Do you have a picture you want to extract the maximum quality out of, then Rune Stenseth can assist you, while you sit in the orchestra and commenting. Rune has knowledge of digital and analog processing, camera usage, software, hardware, print and paper that few can match. Thanks to Rune my photographs reached a level I otherwise could only dreamed about. And if you do not have the photograph yourself, then organize Rune to fix that as well and blow the motif up to voluminous, sharp decoration. I highly recommend his services most warmly.

Petter Mejlænder

Skydive av Benedicte Aubert Ringnes

Rune has delivered on the high end from start to finish. From file / picture is uploaded, you can give Rune free rein to improvements, or use him as an advisor / consultant where you together find best way to solve for the best result in the imaging process. For larger prints over 100cm x 100 cm he runs test strips of the image to be sure that you will be satisfied, before the entire image is printed. One can not compare the larger print chains around the country with Stensethphoto. The quality of the results, the paper, the colors and the details I have not seen anywhere else. (other than in the pictures from Pushwager). Rune has a vast amount of knowledge, after many years in art / print industry, to mention something he has assisted myself with paper choice and treatment of this. Since I started to print on Stenseth Photo I have not printed elsewhere and can recommend him most warmly!

Benedicte Aubert Ringnes

“I like coming here and making prints”

Tom Sandberg